Max Grid Builder

Unleash the designer in you! a wide range of features and nearly unlimited possibilities for creating grids.

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Free Up Your Time and Unleash Your Creativity

Drag and Drop

Use a simple drag and drop editor to move and manage your elements across the grid.

Easy to Use Interface

An intuitive interface makes it easy to create a beautiful grids, all on your own.

Advanced design options

Powerful design options to control padding, margin, border, radius, and more.

Build Unlimited Templates

With template builder, you can build many templates follow what you want.

Create & Save

Pre-made Grid Layouts of your own can be saved to your Grid Library for later and then loaded instantly on new grids.

Import / Export

Migrate your grid templates from site to site in seconds. Transfer your work from development to production easily.

No coding skills required

WP eMaker Grid Builder comes packed with features, tools and options to empower you when building your grids. What’s more, is there is no coding knowledge required.

Grid Elements

Use out-of-the-box grid elements to form your grid layouts. WP eMaker Grid Builder offers a comprehensive list of ready-to-use elements and multiple grid options:

Individual Element Options

Each grid element has its own options panel, WP eMaker Grid Builder allows you to override any of these settings inside the element for maximum flexibility.

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27+ Creative Templates

Easily you change the look-and-feel of your grid and make it awesome, elegant and easy to use with our pre-made templates with range of different options and settings from the powerful options panel.

Grid Layouts

3 seamless grid layouts available. Showcase your gallery in the most appealing way.

Post Type & Social Streams

Create responsive grids for your posts, products or downloads post type. WP eMaker Grid also supports Youtube stream.

  • Default WP Posts
  • Product Post Type
  • Download Post Type
  • Youtube Stream
  • And more to come…

Product Post Type

The advanced WooCommerce extension lets you showcase your online products in the most appealing style.

Products Grid

  • Display with Masonry Cascading grid layout.
  • Enable/disable Filter.
  • Sort by Newest, Price, Selling, Rating or promotional products.
  • 3 pagination systems to choose from (load more button, infinite-scroll and numbered buttons).
  • Control the number of products shown per row.
  • Control the number of products shown per page.
  • Meta data.
  • Average rating.
  • Product Price, Quantity and “Add To Cart” button.
  • Product statistics (sales counter and total number of reviews).
  • Inspire your visitors to share your products across social media – Learn more #1, #2

Products LightBox

  • Product gallery images with zoom.
  • 2 different types of zoom: image zoom in or image magnifier glass.
  • Product title and description.
  • Sales counter and total number of reviews.
  • Social share popup box.
  • Product Price, Quantity and “Add To Cart” button – Learn more
  • Ajax comments form.
  • You can turn on / off Google reCAPTCHA.
  • Five star rating field.
  • Thumbnails navigation with a search box.

Download Post Type

The download functionality, gives you an extra facility to add pretty download boxes directly to your posts or, better yet, create a beautiful custom single download page using the “download” custom post type – Learn more

The download boxes, shows, file information and total number of downloads. You can easily offsetting any counter using the admin option page.

  • Easy admin interface
  • Download any file type
  • Encrypted download link
  • The ability to give users a login to download files
  • Specify a login page where users can login
  • Categorize and tag downloads
  • Custom post type and taxonomy, adding a download is just like creating a post
  • Secure Links: Hiding the true location on the server where the file is stored.
  • Host your files in WP Media Library
  • Add External Links from remotely hosted files on other websites
  • Update downloads counter without reloading entire page
  • 100% Responsive: Ready for mobile, Great UX

Restrict downloads to only logged in users

This feature simplifies the process for protecting your important files and restrict downloading for only logged in users. It is a good idea to use this option if you want to force users to register before downloading files – Learn more

Single Download Page Demo

Downloads Grid

  • Display with Masonry Cascading grid layout
  • Enable/disable Filter
  • Sort by Newest, Popular, Liked or Downloaded.
  • 3 pagination systems to choose from (load more button, infinite-scroll and numbered buttons)
  • Control the number of downloads shown per row
  • Control the number of downloads shown per page
  • Download meta data
  • Audio player
  • Download button
  • Download average rating
  • Download statistics (downloads counter and total number of reviews)
  • Inspire your visitors to share your downloads across social media

Downloads LightBox

  • Author meta box
  • Download featured images with zoom.
  • 2 different types of zoom: image zoom in or image magnifier glass
  • Download title and description
  • Downloads counter and total number of reviews
  • Social share popup box
  • Download Button
  • Ajax comments form
  • You can turn on / off Google reCAPTCHA
  • Five star rating field
  • Thumbnails navigation with a search box

Single Download Page

  • Author meta box: Author name, Author avatar (Gravatar support!), Publication date and Twitter follow button
  • File details box: filename, extention, size, download counter and categories names
  • Featured image with lightbox or embedded video
  • Download title and description
  • Total number of reviews
  • Social share popup box
  • Download Button
  • Ajax comments form
  • You can turn on / off Google reCAPTCHA
  • Five star rating field

YouTube Stream

WP eMaker Grid allows you to select any channels or playlists from YouTube, customize the look with custom templates and different display modes. Includes lightbox, embed and direct link to YouTube.

Youtube Banner

  • Show / hide Banner
  • Subscribers counter
  • Subscribe button
  • Channel name

Youtube Grid

  • Choose the default filter
  • Retrieve only HD videos
  • Display with Masonry Cascading grid layout.
  • 2 pagination systems to choose from (load more button and infinite-scroll)
  • Enable/disable Filter
  • Control the number of videos shown per row
  • Control the number of videos shown per page.
  • Views/Likes/Dislikes counter
  • Publication date

Youtube LightBox

  • iFrame Featured
  • Video title and descriptin
  • Views/Likes/Dislikes counter
  • Social share popup box
  • Channel name
  • Subscribers counter
  • Publication date
  • Subscribe button
  • Video Comments and replies

Integrated With Visual Composer

The most Powerful WordPress Page Builder

Visual Composer Page Builder is one of the best Page Builder for WordPress. If you are using it, now you can generate your Grids directly from Visual Composer.

Advanced Ribbons

Add Newest, Most Popular, Most Liked, Most Downloaded, Sale and Best Seller Ribbons to your posts, woocommerce products and downloads, with custom text, colors, icons and many other options. Easy and fully customizable!

  • Can be used on posts, products and downloads.
  • Possibility to customize ribbon text, background, color, sizes, postion and icon.
  • Font Awesome icons included.
  • Font Awesome Icon Picker to ease the icon selection.
  • Backend live preview.
  • Two ribbons types: corner and banner.
  • Applying a 3D wrapped around effect.
  • Support images, videos and iframes.

Learn more

Play Songs Directly in Your Grid

Audio player supporting single song or tracklist from SoundCloud or from a self-hosted file (WAV, MP3 or OGG). Learn more

Share Buttons

Make it easier than ever for your audience to spread your content around the web. Connect directly to the most popular social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Learn more

  • Turn on/off each of media networks, individually.
  • Three different Skins : Popup Box, Inside Tooltip and Horizontal List (see demos below).
  • Display social icons: after featured image/video and on the grid stats box.
  • Compatible with : Post, Product, Download and Youtube Stream.
  • Amazing loading speed.


Quickly & Easily Add Facebook OpenGraph tags

The OpenGraph module provides a very quick and simple way to automatically add Facebook OpenGraph tags to any of your Post, Product or Download. This feature automaticly extract data from post/product/download title and excerpt. It use post thumbnails (featured images) or the default image as og:image.

Video Featured

Replace your grid featured images with a featured video from YouTube, Vimeo or even self-hosted videos.

Live Visual Preview

Check the grid appearance directly in the admin panel. No need to reload the page, everything is done thanks to ajax.

Visual Shortcode

The Visual Shortcode simplifies the shortcode editing process by allowing the editing of shortcode attributes through a simple panel. Shortcode still can be edited manually via Text Editor. In the visual view of the content editor you do not see the shortcode, but instead a visual representation of the generated shortcode.

  • Create new shortcodes and edit existing shortcodes with ease
  • Eliminates the need to manually edit shortcodes or memorize attributes
  • No more copy pasting shortcodes
  • Modify shortcode attributes using Web Form
  • Support Switch between Text and Visual Editors
  • Accessible from a text block in Visual Composer
  • Extremely easy to use – seamless WordPress user interface
  • Gutenberg-ready

Learn more

Mobile Friendly / Responsive

Grid looks great from small resolutions
to large displays.

Post Lightbox

Product Lightbox

Download Lightbox

Youtube Lightbox

AJAX Comment Form

Add an Ajax comment form and rating system to your posts, products or downloads.

  • Displaying publish dates as time since posted
  • Inserts new comment into page dynamically without having to reload
  • Switch on and off via admin/plugins
  • Includes five-star rating system
  • Secure and Anti-Spam features
  • Ajax button “Load More Comments”
  • Gravatar support!
  • Control the number of comments shown per page
  • add reply for any comment added

Learn more

Multi level comment threads

Google reCAPTCHA

Stop bots on your comment forms with Google reCAPTCHA.

  • Easy to setup
  • You can check the validity of keys from the admin panel
  • You can turn on / off Google reCAPTCHA
  • Stop comment spam completely
  • reCAPTCHA verification process via AJAX before submitting the form
  • Option to hide reCAPTCHA for logged in users
  • Version 2 has light theme as default and dark ad optional

Learn more

Required field and jQuery/Ajax form Validation

More Features

WooCommerce Support

WP eMaker Grid Builder plays great with WooCommerce. It's never been easier to design a storefront.

SoundCloud Support

Easy to use embed tool that makes it simple to share music from SoundCloud to your grids.

Google Fonts

Choose from hundreds of Google fonts available in every widget with text.

Author Box Widget

Include the author bio box inside your blog, and get your readers to know more about the author.

Search & Filter

Locate the template that best fits your needs by searching and filtering the templates.

Twitter Follow Button

You can display a Twitter Follow Button to make it easier for your readers to follow you on Twitter.

Post Voting

This feature allows you to add an Ajax “Love This” button to your posts and custom post types.

Post Views

This feature allows you to display how many times a post has been viewed.

Review Star Ratings

Star Ratings are a subtle yet effective way to establish user trust on any product or download on your site.

Cache System

Caching system to improve your site speed and reduce the loading time.

Custom CSS

Easily add custom CSS code without even having to modify your theme or plugin files.

Mixed Grid

Make your gallery standout by adding images, videos, audio and posts all into one grid.

Customize Everything

Each element is fully customizable. Adjust fonts, colors, sizing and spacing and even apply custom CSS.

Accent Colors

4 Accent Colors that can be used for links, icons, buttons, backgrounds etc. You may to pick between them on the grid elements.

Translation Ready

This plugin is ready to be translated in other languages than English. It includes a .POT file, from which can be easily created .po/.mo files in the language you need.

Quick & Easy Setup

Fully documented step-by-step to help set up and running

Help center

Easy-to-use help center with frequently asked questions and detailed documentation.
  • Monitor downloads from unique IP address
  • Set downloads count interval
  • Specify a login page where users can login
  • Allow post voting only for logged-in users
  • Possibility to allow only one vote per IP address
  • Use existing custom meta key for post views
  • The cache can be cleared automatically or manually.
  • Compatible with the WordPress revisions to secure your work
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Hosted/Vimeo/Youtube video
  • Online Knowledge Base